The movie Emily In Paris makes the audience passionate, not because of the content, but because of the beautiful and attractive cast appearing on every corner.

The movie Emily in Paris has just been broadcast on Netflix has immediately attracted the attention of the audience. Although the content is rated nothing outstanding and colorful of Sex and the City (perhaps because both films are the same producer), many viewers are also dazed because Emily In Paris is so beautiful : beautiful from the scenery, the clothes to the whole … cast of male actors!

Emily In Paris is mainly about the marketing specialist Emily is transferred from the US to the magnificent city of Paris. She encountered many problems such as culture and language in the new city, but those things could not stop Emily’s love for Paris, especially when the men around everyone are handsome! This article summarizes all the extremely romantic “male gods” of Emily. In Paris, they are in every corner, every frame. Who is a perfect match for Lily Collins?

Chef Gabriel


Gabriel’s character is a chef with attractive beauty living right under Emily’s apartment. The two had a clash after Emily complained to the staff that her beef was still red, not too cooked, then later discovered that Gabriel was the one cooking. Of course, her fascination with boys made her eat his meat well.

Gabriel is played by actor and model Lucas Bravo, and this is also the first major role of his career. This guy, before entering acting, was also a real chef.

The guy who loves FaceTime Doug


As Emily’s lover in Chicago, Doug is the one who objected when she wanted to move to Paris to live and work. This guy also made the audience shocked when he wanted to “do it” with Emily through FaceTime.

Roe Hartrampf handsome actor is the person who played Doug. This guy has appeared in the movie Madam Secretary and will soon return in the musical about Princess Diana as Prince Charles.

“Sugar Daddy” Antoine Lambert


This character is the owner of a perfume company, dubbed “the most sensitive nose in Paris” and is also a client of the company where Emily works. He is not only a successful businessman but also a real player, even though he looks “old”, he is still hot as usual!

The painter Fabien


Appearing briefly in the film and almost making the heroine fall in love, Fabien gave her a bucket of cold water with the audience because her ability to use the language was below average. Although this is just a love that passed in a hurry, his beauty also makes the audience want to hold on.

This amazing guy is Michel Biel, an actor, model and YouTuber. He has appeared in the movie Skam France as well as in Dunkirk.

Handsome professor Thomas


With ecstatic beauty, there is no blaming Emily for falling before the curious professor Thomas. Even these two people also had “sex” at a terrifying loud volume, making the audience mute. But it is true that God does not give anyone at all, Thomas also has many problems that make Emily angry.

Julien Floreancig performed hot scenes with Lily Collins. He has acted in several French films such as Coeur Océan and Un Si Grand Soleil.

“The heir” Mathieu Cadault


Mathieu Cadault is the executive chairman of his uncle’s design company Pierre – who tortured the female lead (even cursed her for being “bland”). With elegant and luxurious appearance, this character is described as someone who only dated long-legged models.

Actor Charles Martins who plays Mathieu has also appeared in the movie Sex and the City, but now he is also less active in the arts but more diligently running his own company.