Playing the three sisters who face the dangers that stalk themselves when their parents are away from home, the three actresses Emmalee Parker, Katrina Bowden and India Ennenga will entertain the audience with a fascinating, surprising performance in ‘Hunter’s Moon’.

As one of the theatrical productions this September, horror film Hunter’s Moon is carefully cared for both in terms of content and image.

Playing the role of three sisters who face the dangers of stalking their parents when their parents are away from home, the three actresses Emmalee Parker, Katrina Bowden and India Ennenga will entertain the audience with a captivating, surprising performance. All three girls are not only beautiful, charming, but also very powerful and talented representatives in the world cinema.

Katrina Bowden as Juliet Delaney


Famous from the Emmy 30 Rock award-winning sitcom series, actress Katrina Bowden built herself a seductive image from the very first days of entering the profession at the age of 18. Katrina is becoming more and more familiar with television audiences when appearing in many other cult series from Ugly Betty, New Girl, Public Morals and most recently the series ‘thousand episodes’ The Bold and the Beautiful of CBS .

In the movie segment, she also marked with more than 20 works large and small, especially excellent horror titles like Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, Piranha 3DD, Scary Movie 5. In 2013, the woman played with big stars like Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry and Emma Stone in romantic comedy Movie 43.

Many times known as the new generation of Hollywood sex bombs, at the age of 32, Katrina Bowden is beautiful and attractive than ever. On her Instagram account of more than 130,000 followers, she regularly shares pictures of herself in active swimsuits, sportswear with supermodels.

Returning to the big screen after a nearly two-year hiatus, Katrina Bowden plays the clever Delaney elder sister Juliet. Not only is the person protecting the girls when their parents are away, Juliet also holds many secrets related to the monster raging in the town.

Emmalee Parker as Wendy Delaney


Born in southern Indiana, Emmalee Parker developed a love for art from a young age as a singer at the local community theater. At the age of 16, Emmalee began to break into movies and decided that was the direction she really wanted to follow.

In 2017, Emmalee had her first role in the independent horror film Mom and Dad, appearing alongside famous actor Nicolas Cage. After working hard in many projects as a supporting actor, Emma left a clearer mark in two works, Rock For Jesus: The Ultimate Comeback and Hunter’s Moon.

India Ennenga as Lisa Delaney


Born into a family of rich artistic traditions to her mother, director Laurie Weltz, India Ennenga inherited her talent for both acting and literature. Only 4 years old, India was her mother to participate in her movie debut Wrestling with Alligators.

During her time in school, India still acted to practice her acting skills as well as maintain her love for the 7th art. After a series of romantic comedies, the actress also tried her hand at the thriller series. sensational horror with supernatural series The Returned.

In 2018, the actress transformed with the biography of the most feared murderous family in America Manson in Charlie Says. This is the launch pad that brought her into the sights of legendary director Martin Scorsese, helping her officially participate in the first blockbuster project with the $ 200 million movie Netflix channel The Irishman. In the film she played the role of Dolores, the daughter of crime boss Frank Sheeran, played by veteran actor Robert De Niro.

In the year 2020, India continues to focus on her work as a screenwriter, and she also starred in the thriller, horror film Blood Moon Trap. The Indian character of Lisa in the movie, though innocent, seems to be hiding her connection with the monster.

With the presence of this hot and beautiful female group, Hunter’s Moon promises to bring the audience an interesting and engaging cinematic experience. In particular, the film also has the appearance of the veteran horror movie star Thomas Jane, which will increase the drama and excitement with fans of this series.