Daniel Radcliffe birthday: 10 unforgettable moments

Daniel Radcliffe birthday: 10 unforgettable moments

Happy Birthday Daniel Radcliffe - the talented and humble British actor. After getting famous for his iconic role as Ha...

Happy Birthday Daniel Radcliffe - the talented and humble British actor. After getting famous for his iconic role as Harry Potter, he has always been challenging himself in different genres.

On this special occasion, let's take a look at 10 unforgettable moments of him while wishing all the love.

The role as Harry Potter


At the age of 11, Daniel started shooting for Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and turned 12 when the movie hit theaters. The journey of Harry based on a J.K Rowling bestselling books and quickly became one of the most successful franchise movies in the world.


He had played as the little wizard since 2001 to 2011, in 8 Harry's movies. This character will always be a special part in his heart and the book's fans'.

First movie after Harry Potter


Daniel's first project was the horror film The Woman In Black, adapted from the 1983 novel by Susan Hill. His character was a man sent to solve with the legal matters of a mysterious woman who has just died. Soon, he began experiencing strange events and hauntings from the ghost of a woman dressed in black.

Mary Berry admired his hair

Mary Berry is a reputation British food writer, chef and television presenter. She and Daniel once appeared in The Graham Norton talk show together and Mary expressed her admiration towards Daniel's gorgeous long hair.

Unexpectedly talented as a rapper

Never thought of that, but Daniel has some great talent as a rapper. He once showcased his rapping talent and especially his skill to follow the alphabet.

He didn't know he was scared of snakes or not

Daniel Radcliffe is a clever guy – his smart choice of post-Potter films is evidence enough – but he was missing a brain cell or two when he agreed to sign on to Horns without being sure whether he was scared of snakes or not. 

He learned American accents from Friends


The famous Friends series had some specific influence on the audience and also, Daniel's American accent learning.

He answered 73 random questions while playing ping pong

Not one but 73 random questions were nailed by Daniel, while he was playing ping pong perfectly.

His desperate desire to convince the audience that he was truly Harry Potter

That was fun, because no one would ever doubt that! He is Harry Potter.

That picture


Daniel Radcliffe was so ahead of the time when he had already followed the social distancing far more earlier before the real instructions took place.