The netizens of the world are divided into two opposing views about the movie Emily In Paris.


The last quarter of 2020 opens with a beautiful and eye-catching feature-length movie titled Emily in Paris. Project by actress Lily Collins invested and produced and starred in is causing fierce controversy among netizens. This story focuses on the career journey of American young Emily in France, while trying to clearly express the apparent cultural conflict and the anxiety of young people in an unfamiliar place. So, what is it about Emily In Paris that makes people praise so warmly, those who criticize them do not regret such words?

Beautiful setting


The most winged and dense compliments for Emily In Paris are about the costume element and context. In particular, the French culture is clearly shown, enough to charm those who are passionate about the land of romance and soaring. Besides, the fashion of the cast, especially the female lead Emily, also attracted the attention of the audience. Not often showing famous brands, but Emily’s style of coordinating and using colors and accessories makes the “movie nerds” indulgent. In addition, one opinion said that they were quite satisfied with the expression of two cultures that tend to oppose each other in the film through their eating habits, living, work, and sex life.

Monotonous content


Emily In Paris there is a high spirit of entertainment thanks to lightness, but lightness does not go hand in hand with quality. The film is still complained by many audiences because of its boring storyline, sometimes lacking in convincing and loose. Emily is a girl who carries a great mission for herself and for her homeland. However, that ambition turned into heavy rain that tried to shake off the ancient paints of Paris, forcing it to “adapt” in its own yard. The plot only seems to focus on Emily’s struggle to break up the conflicts of American and French lifestyles and forget about the basic character development process. Since then, not everyone can feel the misery of a young person living away from home, struggling with worries in the heart of an expensive city. Surrounding Emily in 10 episodes is the arrogance of a rookie lacking experience and foreign language babbling, overwhelming efforts and constantly immersed in the pink of sex.

International critics


Looking at the common ground in the Hollywood market, Emily In Paris also made critics deeply divided. Opposing reviews still focus on the issue of “beautiful but drowned”, having a look but limited in the core content. On the other hand, Emily’s score in Paris is still at a safe level, proving that the film still has a highlight and some specific reasons, certain to retain viewers.