The Illuminerdi page reported on Warner Bros. is targeting the God of Thunder for his role in the “Mad Max” prequel.

Recently, The Illuminerdi announced Warner Bros. is targeting actor Chris Hemsworth at the character named Dementus in the Mad Max prequel film.


According to Female First, Chris Hemsworth has yet to give an official response on the role. The producer did not reveal that Dementus will be the main or villain in the film. The film will exploit the past of the heroine hero Furiosa (Charlize Theron) in Fury Road (2015). Neither Charlize Theron nor Tom Hardy in the 2015 film’s Max Rockatansky role was in the prequel.

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Mad Max director George Miller said he wanted to find a younger actress to replace Charlize Theron as Furiosa in the new film.


Miller said he thought through the use of graphic technology to rejuvenate Charlize Theron on the film but didn’t feel the way worked in the end.

Speaking about not coming back in the next Mad Max movie, actress Charlize Theron said: “This is quite difficult to accept. I have sincere respect for George, especially after working with him on the set of Fury Road. George is the master and I hope the best will come to him. But this indeed still makes me quite sad.”