Hollywood star Chris Hemsworth has invited a Manchester bomb survivor to attend the red carpet event for the Thor: Love and Thunder premiere in 2021.

Martin Hibbert took his daughter Eve to watch Ariana Grande perform in 2017 at the Manchester Arena in the UK, but an explosion claimed 22 lives and he was paralysed from the bellybutton down.


Speaking on The Morning Show on Thursday, Martian revealed he met the actor, Chris Hemsworth, 36, while he was receiving treatment in Australia, and Chris told him if he was walking in 2021, he could walk down the red carpet at the Thor event in London.

I told him my aim is to be walking over the next couple of years, and that we should maybe meet up when he is over in London,” Martin said.

He added: ”His latest Thor film was due out in 2021, so he said if I’m walking in 2021, we would walk down the red carpet at Thor 4 in London.


So that is a big motivation for me to have that – it’s something to really hold onto.” The Thor star also surprised Martin with a video message on the breakfast show on Thursday.

Hi Martin, hope you’re doing well buddy. Just wanted to say the time that we spent together in Australia was truly inspiring,” the actor said.

And I can’t wait to see you soon as we walk down the red carpet together.” This comes after it was revealed Marvel’s highly anticipated Thor: Love and Thunder film is up in the air as COVID-19 continues to halt any pre-production development of the film. Speaking to Daily Mail Australia last month, a Fox Studios Sydney representative confirmed: ”Nothing is being filmed at the moment.


Back in February, it was reported that Marvel Studios took over the entire backlot of Sydney’s Fox Studios, forcing other local productions, including The Voice Australia and The Masked singer to film at other locations.

The New South Wales Minister for the Arts’ office has confirmed Create NSW, which assisted in funding the project, are still waiting on ”decisions from the United States” to make a call about the film.