Cardi B disappointed fans for showing love to her betraying husband.


Recently, Cardi B held a 28th birthday party in Las Vegas. The party is on a grand scale, with the participation of many famous friends and stars in showbiz. All were together “stirring” jubilantly until morning. This time, she also invited her ex-husband Offset to attend.

To celebrate his ex-wife’s birthday, the male rapper Offset gave his ex-wife a Rolls Royce. Rolls Royce super product Cullinan line costs 330 thousand US dollars. This super car is equipped with a special, luxurious interior, with a lavish seat for the couple’s daughter Kulture. The girl’s name is also printed on the leather upholstery of the chair.

In a video recorded and posted on social networks, Cardi B was quite emotional and excited to receive this ‘huge’ gift. The singer even climbed into the new supercar and performed sexy choreography. What is more surprising is that Cardi B kissed his ex-husband Offset before the enthusiastic cheers of friends around.


This action of Cardi B was not supported by fans. Because she just filed with Offset farewell court almost a month ago because of his affair. Furthermore, Cardi once told the court that the two had no prospect of mending their feelings. In the past, at least 3 times the female rapper found out that her husband had a different relationship but forgave him.

On the occasion of her birthday, the WAP female rapper was also given an expensive Hermes Birkin bag by her best friend Kylie Jenner. In addition, Cardi B also showed an outdoor billboard with the title of a happy birthday with pictures of her and Kulture’s daughter. Many people think that because it was so happy on her birthday that Cardi … forgot that she broke up with her ex-husband.