Recently, reporters have caught a hot image of Bella Hadid. Although they broke up, Bella and The Weeknd are still related about work.


The Daily Mail reported that recently, reporters have caught a hot image of Bella Hadid. Wearing a looked-through shirt showing off her extremely sexy bust, Bella received many compliments with her sobbing beauty. It is worth mentioning, this cult supermodel wears this sexy outfit when she comes to the VMA awards ceremony – where her ex The Weeknd is also present to practice before the show is officially recorded.

According to the source, despite meeting each other backstage, the couple still appear normal when they were seen together in the same place, at the same time, proving their relationship is still completely normal. Last year, the couple broke up with the reason that their schedules were always busy, affecting the romance.

Not stopping there, on Saturday yesterday, Bella Hadid continued down the street with a youthful image, while The Weeknd was also on another street. It is worth mentioning, people realize that Bella and ex-boyfriend’s shoes are the same brand, like shoes with slightly different designs, both even wear sporty outfit.


On the social network, there are many fans waiting for the return of the famous couple. According to the source, Bella will become a recommendation for the VMA, while The Weeknd has up to 6 nominations for different categories. There is a comment on the hope that the couple will have “encounter of the century” when she gives the award to him.