Justin Bieber is truly devoted to his wife Hailey. This kind of addition is too much romantic for us audiences!


Although married not long ago, Justin Bieber quickly joined the team of Hollywood “addicted” husbands. Not only pampering Hailey, he is also very “self-conscious” as a background for his wife when walking around. Looking at the opposites of the couple whenever appearing next to each other, the fans could only sigh and sigh for Justin’s “fallen” integrity.


Many people joke that Hailey has just married, just got herself a bodyguard or a … senior maid. While her long-legged stride down the street, Justin-the-husband took his armpits and carried them along. When walking next to his wife, he dressed very simple, volunteering “as a background”, carrying things and protecting his wife 24/24. At this rate, the title of husband addicted to wife of the year cannot be given to anyone other than Justin!


Does Justin look any different from senior manager of supermodel Hailey?


Justin quickly carried his luggage so his wife wouldn’t have to touch anything.


While his wife seemed to be walking the catwalk on the street, Justin leaned back and pushed 2 large suitcases.


No matter how heavy, the wife must not have to work hard.


When shopping also became the moment you turn to a mobile hanging device for your wife.


This is the heaviest thing, Justin can hold his whole world in his hands!