Alicia Silverstone might be best known for the iconic 90s romantic comedy Clueless, but it’s time to get a better picture of exactly how busy she’s been ever since.

Scrolling through Silverstone’s filmography, she’s really never had a lull. In the early 2000s she was an executive producer on the animated show Braceface where she also voiced the title character, she appeared on Suburgatory, reunited with Clueless director Amy  Heckerling for the movie Vamps, is a scene stealer in Yorgos Lanthimos‘ The Killing of a Sacred Deer, and so much more. And that’s only the projects you can find on IMDb. Let’s not forget that Silverstone has also done a significant amount of theater work and published two books as well.


In honor of the release of her latest feature, Bad Therapy, Silverstone took the time to join us for our very first virtual episode of Collider Ladies Night. In the movie she plays Susan Howard, a wife and mother who decides it’s time to see a marriage counselor so she decides to take her husband Bob (Rob Corddry) to see Judy Small (Michaela Watkins). Things go well enough at first, but then Susan starts to suspect that there’s something off about Judy’s tactics, especially when they start to turn her and Bob against each other.


Check out this episode of Collider Ladies Night to hear all about Silverstone’s experience making Bad Therapy, and also to take a brief stroll down memory lane to learn more about what inspired Silverstone to get into acting, what it was like appearing on the hit show The Wonder Years, her favorite memories from working on Batman & Robin, how her personal goals have come into focus, and so much more. You’ve got the option to watch the full conversation in the video player at the top of this article.