Fame at a young age usually comes with unavoidable scandals, as the situation of Macaulay Culkin when he raised as a star in Home Alone movies. However, after multiple scandals and personal issues, he’s finally back.


Home Alone movies legendary Christmas movies in the childhood of many people’s childhood. In 1990, the amazing revenue at the box office of the movie had brought Macaulay, played as the lead role Kevin McCallister, become a hunting name for other directors.


Fame and family issues were the sources for him to fall on the way to success with drug addicts, being an alcoholic and his name was attached with only scandals.

The young actor even won the Best comedy actor at American Comedy Awards năm 1991 after Home Alone. Macauly became the highest-paid actor with millions of dollars as income. He also starred in other movie projects like The Good Son (1993), The Nutcracker (1993), Getting Even With Dad (1994)…

But the golden age didn’t last for too long. He announced to live a normal life in 1994 and totally vanished from Hollywood.

In 1995, Culkin’s parents divorced and fought at the court for custody towards their son. As reported, the giant assets that Macaulay made after Home Alone were the blindfold on his family’s eyes.


The actor started drowning himself in over-night parties with drugs, alcohol. His love life was also affected by those problems, with a split from his wife, actress Rachel Miner and his girlfriend, actress Mila Kunis.

Those dark times may help him to understand the meanings of life and he started realizing what’s important to him, so he decided to change himself in a positive way.

One of the reasons for this may come from his girlfriend, Brenda Song, who is known for her role as London Tipton in Disney’s The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.


The couple is usually seen going out hands in hands on the streets and sharing sweet moments with each other.

It’s good to see Macaulay Culkin overpassed the obstacles in the past and finally get his head on the right way. There is no confirmation about his intention to be in the entertainment industry or not.