The images of Adele and Nicole Richie attracted the attention of the fans, which was focused on the appearance of the two stars.


On the evening of September 27, Adele attracted great attention when posting a series of photos to congratulate her best friend’s birthday – “the queen of drama” Nicole Richie, with more than 1.5 million “hearts”. The series of cute and cute photos of close friends makes people extremely excited, but netizens are extremely worried about these two stars.


A series of netizens were shocked by the ominously thin figure of both Adele and Nicole Richie. After losing 45 kg and continuing to lose more to regain a balanced body, singer Rolling In The Deep has completely changed in a positive direction, although her body is getting thinner, but her face is worryingly thin. In addition, netizens also wonder if “the drama queen” has a health problem or not but becomes so alarmingly thin.


The female singer impresses with her body after losing weight, but her face makes fans worried. In addition, netizens are also confused by the alarmingly thin image of Nicole.


Besides worries and suggestions about health, people are very excited because of the cute image of Adele and Nicole together.