The comedy actor – Adam Sandler has also joined with many citizens in Los Angeles in doing things to help decrease the negative thoughts about the spread of COVID – 19 by just one small act.


After spending time to time staying indoors, Adam Sandler and his wife, Jackie, 45, when having lunch together in Malibu.

The star of 50 First dates has had a wonderful lunch to break up the lockdown monotony. He wore a casual outfit with T-Shirt and grey basketball but comfortable shorts, and a pair of slippers. He looked just like any citizens across the streets.


However, the one cute act of Adam was that he wore a protective facemask with a smiling icon and the slogan “Just keep smiling” as to spread out the positivity to people around. He shielded his eyes from the blistering Malibu sun with a pair of silver framed aviator shades.

Meanwhile, Jackie opted to leave her home without a mask and, instead, concealed herself with a large, woven sunhat and a pair of black aviators.

She suited up for their food pick-up in a green sweater layered over an orange tank top and blue skinny jeans. Jackie had her phone safely fastened in a cross-body case and sported a pair of comfy New Balance sneakers. 

Adam Sandler and his wife looked exactly like any other couple grabbing lunch around the park, enjoying their days.

Adam and Jackie have been happily married since 2003 and share two daughters, daughter Sadie, 14, and Sunny, 11. According to Adam Sandler, it is important for a kid and their parents to make it to graduation and experience the coinciding festivities.


But due to the risks lockdown by COVID-19, students’ graduation ceremonies have gone virtual, which has been soul-crushing to some graduates who have dreamed of accepting their diplomas in person.

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But on May 26, Adam decided to honor the ‘high school and college class of 2020’ on Instagram by sharing a photo taken from his own high school graduation and some words of encouragement.

Take a look at his photo below!

The post quickly received more than 6K comments from fans praising his act.