9 disaster movies caused biggest losses in past 10 years

9 disaster movies caused biggest losses in past 10 years

Hollywood has seen many movie projects that are expected to be blockbusters but turned out as disaster movies in the pa...

Hollywood has seen many movie projects that are expected to be blockbusters but turned out as disaster movies in the past 10 years, despite the huge budget needed in production.

Terminator: Dark Fate

The 6th installment of the series The Terminator has been received coldness from the audience despite the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton, as well as being promoted as a direct post-story of the classic Judgment Day (1991). Spending up to $185 million to produce, the film faces the risk of major failure when it has less than $130 million in its opening week.


Transformers: The Last Knight

It wasn't natural that Paramount turned to work on a smaller project like Bumblebee for the transforming robot film franchise. Michael Bay's The Last Knight has a budget of $ 250 million, which is $ 40 million more than Age of Extinction. But the revenue gap between seasons 5 and 4 was $400 million.


X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Over the summer, Dark Phoenix was ​​the closing episode of Fox's X-Men franchise after it was acquired by Disney. However, the faded content and artificial techniques make this a memorable work of the 20-year mutant series. Film revenue was among the lowest in the brand with only nearly 250 million USD. The loss Fox/Disney incurs from the project was estimated at $120 million.


Monster Trucks

Due to the complicated post-production process, Monster Trucks spent $125 million to produce, but only made about $65 million. After calculating other expenses and the share with the theater, the investor is estimated to have incurred a loss of $120 million.


A Wrinkle in Time

A Wrinkle in Time brought together a cast full of stars but during the promotion, the film failed to generate public excitement. Plus the lack of groundbreaking content, the movie grossed just $130 million after spending $100 million on production.


Jack the Giant Slayer

Warner Bros. spent 220 million USD to produce the film but the proceeds from the box office was less than 200 million USD. It was estimated that the studio incurred a loss of $140 million from the project implemented by Bryan Singer.


King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

With the budget of $175 million to produce, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword ended up earning less than $150 million. Warner Bros. admitted they suffered a loss of $150 million from the project and the movie became one of the unforgettable disaster movies of the studio.


Mortal Engines

With Peter Jackson as a producer, Mortal Engines hit theaters with an unwelcomed attitude from the audience when earning only $7.5 million in North America after the first three days of the show. Mortal Engines was ranked in the group of films with the most loss in film history with the figure of up to $175 million.


The Lone Ranger

The action-adventure film grossed $260.5 million, but it previously cost Disney $250 million to produce. Depp's boring performance and repetitive acting compared to the role of Jack Sparrow were considered the major reason for the failure.