If you like A Quiet Place and also want to find a horror movie with non-violent content, this is the right list!

Should have been released in 2020, now A Quiet Place 2 and many other films have been delayed until next year as the COVID-19 situation is getting worse in America. Therefore, the 2020 box office, which was already deserted, lonely now has to witness the departure of many blockbusters.
One of the reasons that A Quiet Place is so popular is how the movie exploits viewers’ fear without using any cruel, gore-killing tricks. That is why the film reaches more audiences – especially a group of people who are not strong enough to enjoy too violent cinematic works. If you love A Quiet Place and also want to look for movies of similar style, check out a few names below.

Mama (2013)


As the supernatural horror film that made the name of It – Andy Muschietti director, Mama tells the soul of a scary ghost mother who is always watching over her two young children. But instead of caring for and loving the children in a cheerful, innocent way, this mother scares the other members of the house to tears, making everyone’s lives in the movie a hundred percent miserable.

The fear that Mama brings mainly lies in the cramped atmosphere, choking and sensational filmmaking, scare viewers. The cinematic ghost image in the movie is not the three-headed monster genre but still brings its own obsession. The film is suitable for those who like horror movies but are weak, like strong feelings, but not too strong.

The Ring (2002)


Based on the hugely popular Japanese work of the same name, Gore Verbinski’s The Ring in 2002 was a huge hit in Hollywood. A murderous tape within 7 days and leaves a deformed face for the victim, how can the protagonist escape this tragedy? Perhaps the content of the movie is not too strange to many people, but The Ring itself is still a work of its own nature and makes the audience raise the hair on the back of the neck no matter how many times they watch it.

The scene of a ghost wearing a white dress like a laundry detergent advertisement, crawling up from a well and then getting out of the TV has become one of the iconic images of the horror series, causing so many people being haunted.

The Grudge (2004)


Japan seems to be Hollywood’s “inspiration paradise” when it comes to horror movies. Besides The Ring, this country also brings the next heavy haunted story called The Grudge. Even this movie is much more frightening than The Ring.

The film is about an American student in Japan who takes on the task of caring for a woman, but then gets bran from the house’s soul. The Grudge scores with compelling content, bloody details done out there and distracting a large audience. Of course, the movie has no element of cleavage, indiscriminate blood loss – instead we get to see a clean and tidy Japanese house, each haunted by haunts. The interesting point of The Grudge in the US is that it is directed by the same man who made Japan – Takashi Shimizu.

Insidious (2010)


Another film franchise that has made a name for itself thanks to its unexpectedly intimidating scenes that have stunned the whole theater is Insidious. The film deals with the soul, demons, other dimensions and received positive feedback by its “heavy weight”. Not only that, what makes Insidious’ success is that the script is built in an attractive, tight, not “rat-tailed elephant head” or just scares cheap ghosts like many other horror movies do. The film was so loved that it was done in 3 more parts, especially with the appearance of the character Elise.

The Conjuring (2013)


The Conjuring is a thriller that stormed the box office everywhere when it was first released, generously dubbed the “scariest film ever” by many film forums. With a budget of only $ 20 million, the film jubilantly won with $ 320 million in theaters, followed by the second part released in 2016 and the third part is scheduled to release next year.

The Conjuring series tells the story of a ghostly magical journey like the Journey to the West by real couple Ed and Lorraine Warren, with the first part focusing on a haunted family on a farm. The film scored because of the sensational element, unexpectedly no one could foresee and the excellent performance of the cast from children to adults. Also, thanks to the film’s success, producer Warner Bros. vigorously built a “horror movie universe” named after it – The Conjuring Universe, with other films of similar style are Annabelle, The Nun and The Curse Of La Llorona.

Don and Breathe (2016)


Not really a horror movie, but Don’t Breathe still deserves to be included in this list if viewers are looking for a movie with suspense similar to A Quiet Place.

A theft of teenage bandits turns to the escape of the blind murderer in a house with no way out, seeming to be a script for some cheap three-cent movies but turns out to bring Don ‘t Breathe brilliant success. The film was praised by the film atmosphere making viewers really breathless, nervous and stressful moments that make everyone lose their soul.

Bird Box (2018)


If A Quiet Place asks the character not to make a sound, Don’t Breathe forces us to hold our breath, then to Bird Box, humans will not be seen by the monsters in The movie has the ability to make people crazy with just one look. Sandra Bullock’s stellar performance is a blockbuster that kicked off Netflix’s dazzling era of self-produced movies.

Appreciated for its breathtaking, unpredictable thriller and novel content, Bird Box quickly gained great success and made audiences around the world look forward to the next movie.