Over the past decades, thriller and horror series with psychotic characters – such as a serial k.i.l.l.e.r – have become the favorite of many viewers. People love a good scare, right? The following 7 series promise to give you just that. And even better, they are available on Netflix.

The Fall


When it first launched, The Fall became one of the most engaging series about mass m.u.r.d.e.r.e.r.s on Netflix in North America. The story focuses on a female detective who has to fight her own dark ego while chasing a serial k.i.l.l.e.r disguising as a perfect family man. What you like about this series is the psychological aspects of the script where all the characters are capable of being the culprits.



The series tells the beginning of applying criminal psychology to investigation at the FBI, at a time when psychology was still underappreciated and was even despised. With a slow pace, slow storytelling, the movie brings viewers many interviews with notorious serial k.i.l.l.e.r.s. From there, it draws in people’s minds a more specific view of the m.u.r.d.e.r.e.rs’ minds and serves as a basis for their steps. Mindhunter also became well-known thanks to the participation of talented director David Fincher.



If you are interested in the topic of how dangerous a stalker can be, then You is completely suitable for you. Based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Caroline Kepnes, the series follows Joe Goldberg who stumbled upon a girl who had a “good taste” in the bookstore. He then did everything including rummaging through information on social networks, gradually monitoring the target anytime anywhere, and even killing people, just to have the girl. The series makes viewers panicked at how information we made publicly available on the Internet can easily make us a victim of some psychopath.



The television version of the classic series about the m.u.r.d.e.r.e.r with the white mask attracted a lot of audiences at the time of its debut. The main content of Scream revolves around teenage girls becoming the target of a mysterious m.u.r.d.e.r.e.r in the town of Lakewood. No one knows where he came from, what his goal is, all he can do now is stay alive, fight to find the true identity behind the mask. The first 2 seasons of the film were rated at quite good but season 3 was a huge disappointment for the fans.

La Mante


In Paris, police face the back of the m.u.r.d.e.r.e.r who committed a series of crimes 20 years ago with the nickname La Mante. In fact, the culprit 20 years ago was arrested, she is Jeanne Deber and the guy who is raging outside is actually just a copy. Jeanne had received an offer to coordinate with the police to track down the copy who was rampaging outside Paris. Jeanne agreed to only cooperate with detective Damien Carrot, Jeanne’s biological son, who had severed her mother-son relationship from the moment she was sentenced to m.u.r.d.e.r.

The Valhalla M.u.r.d.e.rs


An investigative policeman named Arnar traveled from Norway to Iceland to assist in the investigation of the land’s first mass m.u.r.d.e.r.e.r. He is assigned to work with Kata police and the two must work together to find the portrait of the k.i.l.l.e.r before he takes action to kill the next person. Without any clues to the victims’ connection, they suddenly discovered the home of an abandoned boy named Valhalla, which took place some horrific events 35 years ago and led The way for them to find the true k.i.l.l.e.r.



If you are passionate about Sherlock Holmes, you can not ignore this 21st century version of the most famous detective in England. The rhythm of the movie is fast, dramatic combined with a unique Sherlock character building that helps audiences immerse in each case from robbery, extortion, smuggling and of course a mass m.u.r.d.e.r.e.r. Each season only lasts from 3 to 4 episodes and is based on the best cases in Arthur Conan Doyle’s original novel, so it can be assured of quality.