As a woman, you should absolutely watch these 6 films before the age of 30, not only to recall the best moments of your life, but also to contemplate the meaningful messages left after each movie.

Feminism in general or women’s life in particular are topics of hundreds of different stories, with various lessons and messages of different meanings. For more than a decade, European and American movies on women’s life have always received significant support from the audience. Not only express the struggles women have to endure; each film also brings humanistic views about the life, passion and choices of women in the new millennium.

The 6 movies below are 6 different stories in which you might see your past, present or future self. That’s why before turning 30, you should not miss these works of art.

Easy A (2010)

Olive is a hard-working and moderate student whose life revolves around homework, until the day she gets caught up in rumors about dating boys. Since then, so many tragic stories happen, making Olive decide to turn herself into a ‘slut’ at school with all the crazy actions such as dressing sexy, pretending to have sex with various guys, including her best gay friend.


Easy A easily reminds us of the memories of our school life, which is full of regrets but also lots of lovely memories. In the end, the film proved a certain truth: Living true to yourself is always the best! At the same time, Easy A is like a warning about school violence, as it speaks up for the victims and helps high school girls feel confident about themselves, ignoring unworthy gossip and judgment from others.

Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009)

Living in the magnificent New York City, Rebecca Bloomwood easily becomes a worshiper of fashion brands. She’s a shopping addict, and you may find yourself having a part of her unhealthy behaviors. Confessions of a Shopaholic is also filled with high-class brands such as Gucci, LV, Chanel, Hermes, Prada… so this is a fancy film you should not ignore.


A combination of humorous, romantic but meaningful elements, Confessions of a Shopaholic provides the perfect entertainment for women who are also addicted to shopping like the main character.

Eat, Pray, Love (2010)

No one can put Eat, Pray, Love out of the list of good movies that women should watch. The main idea of the movie is simple, gentle but gives a meaningful and insightful message. What is the best way of helping women get through life crisis? Julia Roberts tells you to choose any 3 countries that start with the letter ‘L’. then go there and discover them yourself. Women should eat well, pray for peace of mind and love the person they want to love.


When watching this movie, you may remember some happy times in the past, or maybe right now, and you will want to live a comfortable life as you always wanted. After a long journey of stumbling and growing, it’s time for you to stop for a while and this movie is suitable when you need that peace of mind.

Breathe (2017)

Not as sad and gloomy as many other romance films, Breathe gives viewers a brighter view on paralyzed people – an optimistic and hopeful spirit of true love. During nearly 2 hours of the movie, you will be completely conquered and touched by the attention and sincere love that Diana, a lovely lady, gives to her husband Robin, a passionate guy who suddenly became paralyzed and had to lie still in a hospital bed.


Breathe portrays a moving journey, say ing that by the age of 30, what we need to care about is just work and family. Despite the fact that society had suggested that Diana had better choices, it turned out that the life of a woman in her 30s was to look after the person she loved. That is more than enough and happy for her.

How To Be Single (2017)

If you are still single or have been single, then do not ignore ‘How To Be Single’. Perhaps right from the name, the film has hit the feelings of women: how to live a free life, how to be yourself, pursue what you really want and have no regrets. Offering many meaningful lessons about life, the film does not make viewers feel like being taught or something, as the story of modern singles it portrays is so real.


Each girl in the film represents a different type of person: a girl who does not know what she really wants in a relationship and plunges into different guy after breaking up; a girl with a massive body, who understands what she wants, what she does and enjoys life to the fullest; a woman who is afraid of marriage, being a workaholic and always fears relationships; and a girl that gets obsessive about the standards she wants in her future love partner. It is these diverse colors in the movie that bring humor, affection, but also the humanity of the true meaning of being single.