The timeline inverse theory in Tenet or in the series below will make you more headache?

Travel or time bend is what people desire for many years and is realized by Hollywood in dozens of works. However, because science cannot do this, everything that appears in the movie is just limited to imagination. And of course, many directors let their imagination volatile higher than usual and produced works with intricacy equal to, even more than blockbuster Tenet.

Two engineers “blow away” the audience with only 7,000 USD in Primer


With a budget of only 7,000 USD, director Shane Carruth must concurrently be in charge of writer, production, music and lead role in Primer. Yet this 77-minute production still becomes one of the best movies on the subject of time travel.

The film revolves around two engineers Aaron (Shane Carruth) and Abe (David Sullivan) create a machine that helps them “go back in time”. But during that period of time the main being must be avoided so as not to cause paradoxes. By both, the two of them repeatedly profit from knowing the stock price in advance.

However, the more side effects he uses, the more side effects appear, as Abe becomes cautious and controlled, and Aaron is impulsive and interferes. Especially when their past and future beings act in defiance of the original rule, creating a series of disturbing events.

When wife, husband, children, villain, main is only one person in Predestination


Predestination started when writer John (Sarah Snook) into the bar to confide with the owner (Ethan Hawke) about his past. He is originally female but has the genitals of both sexes. Tragic events made her transgender after giving birth and the baby mysteriously disappeared. From here, many mixed events about the true identity of John, the shopkeeper, a crime prevention organization through time and the bomber gradually revealed.

The content of Predestination is not too difficult to understand if you carefully follow the story of each character. The beauty of the film is that the director cleverly connects each individual’s discrete details to combine into a whole closed time loop of determinism. In it, each action they do is just to fulfill their role in the endless circle of fate.

Endless time loop mixed with horror in Triangle


Triangle opens like other low-budget horror movies when Jess (Melissa George) and a group of friends begin a boat outing. When a sudden storm struck, they accidentally found a giant marine ship abandoned at sea. As soon as he stepped up, a series of puzzling events began to happen.

Not only that, each person in the group was also killed by a stranger until Jess discovered the horrifying truth. At this time, the audience also suddenly realized that Triangle is an endless time loop in which the villain and the victim were all swirled in the never-ending killing.

Two versions of the handsome assassin of two generations confront each other in Looper


Looper is set in a futuristic world where time travel technology develops. The criminal bosses will send victims back to the past for Looper assassins to handle in order to easily remove evidence. However, after 30 years of working themselves, they will be sent back to the destroyed young self to “close the loop”.

Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) was such an assassin until he let his old self, played by Bruce Willis, escape. At this point, their memories began to blend together and create new branches. Old Joe has to protect the young version to avoid the two being killed and use his knowledge to kill the enemy.

Terminator’s coincidental beginning and ending relationship: Dark Fate


There’s probably not much need to say about Terminator – an action series featuring classic time-travel elements for decades. But beside the beautiful fight scenes, what makes the movie so interesting is the loop relationship of the main characters. Kyle Reese is sent to the past by John Connor to protect his mother, Sarah Connor. However, Kyle himself accidentally became the father of the future comrade.

Terminator: Dark Fate section recently also had similar details when Grace (Mackenzie Davis) was brought to the past by the Resistance to save Danni (Natalie Reyes). Then in the future, an adult Danni saves and takes care of Grace as a child. This is also relationship of the Main Character (David John Washington) and Neil (Robert Pattinson) in Tenet.