Red Velvet’s Yeri had exciting news to share about her upcoming YouTube reality show “Yeri’s Room” with TWICE’s Nayeon!

Yeri held a special Instagram live broadcast on May 27 and brought a special guest with her. TWICE’s Nayeon was there and the pair filled the room with their laughter and energy as they excitedly talked about doing a live broadcast together for the first time.


Yeri and Nayeon revealed that Nayeon will be the first guest to appear on “Yeri’s Room,” and they were doing the live broadcast right before they started filming. They shared a sneak peek of the script they have prepared for the show, and raised anticipation for what’s to come.


“Yeri’s Room” will be a YouTube show on the Dumdum Studio channel and the first episode will be available on June 8, with Nayeon appearing in the second episode.

Are you excited to see Yeri and Nayeon together?