Suho‘s solo album Self-Portrait will be released today at 6 PM on various music sites, and the music video for the title track Let’s Love will also be simultaneously released on SMTOWN channels on YouTube and Naver TV.

As it is his first solo album, Suho personally delivered his thoughts and goals on the album, as well as his future.


Q1. How do you feel about your solo debut?

Suho: It’s not the music that I’ve showed through EXO to EXO-L and all the people who love pop music, but the music that has Suho’s color in it – the music I wanted to do. It’s something new, so I’m looking forward to it, but I feel a lot of pressure, too. I’m nervous, but I’m mostly excited.

Q2. The title of the album is ‘Self-Portrait’, what do you want to express through this album?

Suho: I want to show the best of Suho and Kim Junmyeon. And I want to communicate with many people through music that represents me.

Q3. What did you pay most attention to while preparing for your solo album?

Suho: There’s not a thing I didn’t pay attention to, but I think the lyrics got the most attention. It’s because I want to communicate with EXO-L and many other people with lyrics written from my heart.


Q4. You participated in the concept planning. So what specific parts did you give ideas to?

Suho: I came up with the overall concept idea from the beginning. I was inspired by Van Gogh during a trip, so I suggested that I would like to make an album like ‘My Self-portrait’. I tried to express it through the album cover as well as the lyrics and album production. I had a lot of meetings with the production team to actively communicate with them, and participated in every step to create the ‘Suho’ image.

Q5. What is the impression you want to give from the title song ‘Let’s Love’?

Suho: Other songs may be like this, too, but ‘Let’s Love’ is a song that makes you feel different depending on the day and night. It’s a song that give you a variety of feelings depending on your mood, so you may feel different every time you listen to it. It’s a story about the universal side of love that anyone can relate to, and it’s a good song with an enjoyable atmosphere.

Q6. You have so much affection for your group that you took your group’s motto “Let’s Love” and named it to the title song. What does EXO mean to you, Suho?

Suho: I think EXO is Suho’s life. During the 30 years of my life, I was in the company for 15 years, and I think EXO and EXO-L naturally permeated my life.


Q7. As an EXO member, you have been doing a strong concept. What would you like to show as a solo artist?

Suho: It’s not an intense dance song. It’s more lyrical and emotional. I tried to put a bit of my personal story into it, and I tried to express it as honestly as I could.

Q8. How did the members react and did the members who debuted as soloists before you give you any advice?

Suho: Rather than advice, when I said “Let’s Love” is the title song, the members cheered me on, saying it would be a meaningful song to EXO and EXO-L .

Q9. How did your collaboration with Younha happen? If there’s a singer you want to collaborate with in the future, who will it be?

Suho: In this album, “For You Now” was originally a solo song, but I thought it would be much better with a female voice in it, so I suggested that I would do it with Younha. I’d like thank her for happily joining me. I’ve always liked Nell. If I have a chance, in the futurem I’d like to be on stage with Nell.

Q10. Do you have any plans or goals for your activities regarding this solo album?

Suho: Rather than a big goal or plan, I just hope that this album will touch EXO-L’s heart. And I hope it will be a good chance to let many people hear my voice and music.