Suho said that he is a big fan of shoes on ‘Cultwo Show’.


On the ‘Cultwo Show’ (SBS Power FM) broadcasted on the afternoon of May 3, Suho (EXO) participated as a guest.

DJ asked, “Do you have any hobbies?”, “Shoes.” Suho answered, “I have about 500 pairs of shoes.”

Then he said, “I only wear one brand of shoes. I haven’t worn other brands for a long time. But I don’t think about changing to other brands.”

EXO’s leader responded to the question “Have you ever been in line and bought limited edition shoes?” that he had done before his debut.

In addition, he also said that he has had this hobby for 10 years: “Because of preparing for debut, when I practice dance, I have to wear sports shoes than casual shoes to dance so coolly. But those casual shoes are very beautiful.” he said.

When asked what kind of shoes do you like, “Honestly I am not tall, so I like high shoes, my size is 265 ~ 270mm”, he said.

Suho just debuted with solo album ‘Self- Portrait’ on March 30.