In June this year, actresses Song Ji Hyo, Shin Hye Sun, and Park Shin Hye will appear at the movie theater together. In a situation when it is not easy to attract the audience as a result of COVID-19, this leads to concern about the number of the audience watching and how the results will be achieved.

Song Ji Hyo’s movie ‘Intruder‘, which has postponed the release date due to COVID-19, will meet the audience on June 4. It is a mystery thriller written and directed by Son Won Pyeong starring Song Ji Hyo. and Kim Mu Yeol. The story is about Yoo-jin who returns home after went missing 25 years ago. As their family struggle begins to change after her return, her older brother Seo-jin grows suspicious and seeks to uncover his sister’s secret, which leads him to a shocking truth. Song Ji Hyo predicts to show a cool new image of herself different from the lovely image she shows on Running Man (SBS). Earlier, the actress had left a strong impression through her debut horror film ‘Wishing Stairs’.


Shin Hye Sun – who led successful dramas such as ‘My Golden Life’, ‘Still 17’, ‘The Hymn of Death’, and ‘Angel’s Last Mission: Love’ – will meet the audience through the movie ‘Innocence‘. The film was also released on June 11 after considering the aftermath of COVID-19. ‘Innocent’ based on a true story, is a legal drama about a lawyer who is trying to prove the innocence of her unjustly accused younger sibling. Shin Hye-Sun is the lawyer, and Bae Jong-Ok will take on her mother role.


Park Shin Hye will return to the big screen with the survival movie ‘#Alive‘. “#Alive” is a “survival thriller” about a mysterious outbreak that suddenly spreads throughout Seoul and rapidly grows out of control, trapping survivors alone inside their apartments without access to cellular data, Wi-Fi, texting, or phone calls. Park Shin Hye will star as Yoo Bin, a survivor that is isolated in the middle of a dangerous city. It will premiere at the end of June.


In addition to showing strong action scenes through ‘#Alive’, the public is now focusing on how the actress and actor Yoo Ah In will show off their chemistry in this movie.