Running Man (SBS) revealed a great mysterious race that made the members tremble to the extreme. In addition, along with the return of member So Min, who took hiatus due to poor health, the race made up of the members after a long time will attract the attention of the audience.

Running Man has been praised as a legend every episode when doing “The Mysterious Race” including “Mysterious Hostel, 7 detectives”, “Episode 7 VS 300”, thereby repetitive stretching straight and reverse air unpredictable. This mysterious race predicts the birth of a legendary episode once again with the breakthrough content upgraded and the combination of members deepening.


During the recent recording, the Running Man members received an invitation to a village of the world’s most expensive treasures. However, from the start, Yoo Jae Suk felt uneasy when he said, “When watching ordinary movies, one by one will die in places like this right?”.

Afterwards, the villagers appeared in front of the members and one or two completely unexpected things began to happen. Eventually, the “series of village events” took place and the members involved in the incident, leading to a fear race.

The truth of the race that predicts the birth of the “Legendary Race”, “Secret of the old village” (episode 505) with the highest concentration of attention cannot be taken for a moment can be confirmed on the Running Man broadcast at 17h (Korean time) on May 31.