Actress Park Sun Young (as Go Yerim character in The World of the Married) has shown the respect to her 10-years marriage.


In 2010, Park Sun Young got married to a husband who was originally a diplomat and has been continuing a happy married life. In a last interview, she answered: “My husband has helped me a lot with full of energy but it was embarrassing to watch the episodes together. When i was embarrassing, my husband would have laughed a lot”.

There are many couples watching that movie had to look back on their relationship. Park Sun Young laughed and said: “We have been married for 10 years, we are the type to know and care about each other very much. It has been 10 years since we married, and I think this is the best time”. She also expressed her feeling about husband: “He is like a best friend, lover, a teacher and a child”.

What did “The World of the Married” mean to Park Sun Young? She said: “Everything was so perfect that I could have a chance to meet a movie like this . It was speechless and wonderful to receive such a lot of attention and love from fans over the world. It was more than anything”.


“I really like the Go Ye-rim character, which can be called love or hate. It took a lot of thinking, learning, laughing and crying and the movie will stay in my heart for a long time”.