A hidden camera has been found in women’s bathroom of KBS building.


A KBS PD reported that there was a hidden camera in the 4th floor bathroom in the Yeongu-dong building, and police started their investigation about this. The ‘Gag Concert‘ team was having their rehearsal on the same floor at the time the hidden camera being found.

The bathroom is used by the ‘Gag Concert’ staff, PDs, and writers, the celebrities that appear in this TV show. The police are currently using the CCTV in the building to catch the culprit. The police suppose that because of the complicated floor plan and it is difficult to find the building’s bathroom, the culprit was either someone who worked at KBS, or at least knew what the situation inside was like.


KBS said: “We will be complying actively with the police investigation, and take measures so that this does not happen again.”