Disney may have high expectations that Mulan will be out on time, but there is just so much unexciting news come up after the COVID-19 shut down that may lead to a delayed movement of the first big event of Disney in this year.


The producer and marketing team had tried their best in terms of gaining huge awareness for Mulan with a Super Bowl trailer drop that yielded over 12 million views on social media. Until now, there has been no promotions for the live-action remake of the 1998 Disney musical. Instead, Disney released a trailer for The King’s Man – a 20th Century Studios’ Matthew Vaughn action.


Another reason that makes delayed news is predictable is that China, the major market for Mulan still hasn’t opened movie theaters. The only solution for that is Disney will bring the movie to the Middle Kingdom, at that time Shanghai Disneyland and Hong Kong Disneyland will have been reopened so cinemas may follow just after that. However, the fact that “movie theaters are still not open in China” is still there and no obvious signs have been made about the time they can reopen.

If Mulan could be out on time on the 24th of July, it could enjoy a week of Imax theaters. With Warners having prepared the Imax theaters for Tenet for at least three weeks, the next time that Mulan could be out in Imax theaters maybe around the end of August. However, according to a close source, Mulan never intended to have the Imax theaters one way or another.


If Mulan would truly be moved off, when will the audience could see this Disney remake?

Probably, the end of the year – Christmas. Still, Mulan would be another blow to exhibitors who are trying to get back on financially better terms, after Paramount’s recent decision to take the SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run back home, and Warners sending Wonder Woman 1984 to the first weekend of October.