Since the marriage of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin, who is now Hailey Baldwin Bieber, they seem to enjoy every moment of their happy and fancy life together.


Hailey was wearing a pop outfit while she was having a walk with her husband along the Beverly Hills streets. The 23-year-old wore a $4000 Bottega Veneta bag, which looks trendy and strange-looking.


After the wedding, Hailey seemed to be not that fond of entertainment world and she spends more time with her family instead. The model shared that she enjoy a peaceful life without any Hollywood drama and being followed everywhere.


She also shared about the unrealistic rumors of their marriage, which leaves her annoyed and stressful. However, she now learns how to deal with all of those things.

Justin once said that he would want them to have kids soon. But the 23-year-old beauty doesn’t want to take on a responsible role as a mother that soon. She still want to enjoy her youth at the finest.

Justin Bieber is famous for always trying to spend time with his wife as much as possible. Besides doing music, he would willingly hang out with her, exercise and do all the things want to do together.


The couple was recently caught riding bicycles together on Los Angeles street. According to them, cycling is one of the best way to practice and stay in shape. Cycling also helps them to enjoy the fresh air and sight-seeing easier.


As a model, Hailey is really aware of practicing to stay healthy and fit. She usually jogs with Kendall Jenner – her best friend as they hardly meet each other during the COVID-19 lockdown.

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