In an interview after the pictorial photoshoot with Bnt magazine, Gong Minzy – who recently made a comeback with the new song ‘Lovely‘ – said, “I recorded a little bit of emotional frustration. I heard it in a frustrating situation that I couldn’t tell you and I want to let you listen to this song after a long absence. ” And “I also want to send comfort message to those in need.”


Following that, she shared, “The songs made in 2NE1 are mostly very powerful. So I am happy to be able to discover a new image of me now, another concept. With a strong image. I am gradually getting used to the current concept. I am working hard as a rookie and I will try to work harder in the future lately, fans have said that they want to see the music has a strong performance, so I want to show you more dances next time. ”


Gong Minzy shared, “The juniors I’m following are Jimin (BTS) and Chungha. Jimin is good at dancing.” And “Chungha is really good at dancing. Also, it is very difficult to lead the stage as a solo, but she is really good at doing it and the expression on stage is also great, so I’m very mind her now.”

In addition, when asked about 2NE1, Gong Minzy replied, “2NE1 feels like a homeland to me. They really support me a lot. I still see and contact them often. 2NE1 ‘s songs, the most favorite song is’ I Am the Best’. When we performed on stage, we were so excited so we worked harder. And b-side song, the song” If I Were You “is my favorite song. This is a song composed by CL, they divided the parts to make my voices stand out more.”


Gong Minzy, on the other hand, said, “My favorite artist is Gong Yoo sunbaenim. I’ve been to the same gym club before” and “My singer type is Michael Jackson. I’m really I want to become a singer to be memorable even when the time passes. To be a person like Bruce Lee (laugh). I recently watched the movie ‘Ip Man 4: The Finale “After watching the movie, I was curious about his life. And left a lot of good quotes. The remaining quote in the current memory is “the key to immortality is living the most memorable life.” I also want to live a valuable life.”