If you have been keeping up with the K-Pop industry, you would probably know that behind the glam and hard work of K-Pop idols, there are also many people working for them. Such as the choreographers, vocal trainers, staff, managers and so on.

Choreographer Choi YoungJun is one of the renown K-Pop choreographers who has trained K-Pop groups such as SEVENTEEN , UP10TION and of course, come up with numerous legendary choreography.

He had also appeared in Mnet “Produce” series as a dance trainer.

Recently, through an interview with Korean media, THE FACT, he had shared his opinions on the best dancers among K-Pop idols.

For the male idol, he had chosen EXO ‘s Kai!


For female idol, he decided that BLACKPINK ‘s Lisa is the best.

He shared that because Kai is a really good dancer, he felt the pressure to come up with a dance that Kai would want to dance. Eventually, he ended up making the choreography together with him.

He revealed that he was not the only choreographer who had felt that way but his colleagues as well. If Kai were to have become a dancer or choreographer, Choi YoungJun jokingly said that he would find his career in danger.


As for Lisa, he had recently choreographed ‘Good Thing’ for Lisa’s stage in BLACKPINK concert and felt that she is good in every dance genre.

It seems like the choreographer has a lot of praises for these two idols and many fans also felt proud of their favorite idols.

If you are curious to learn more about Choi YoungJun, you can check out his YouTube channel below.

Do you agree with what Choi YoungJun had mentioned?