The pictorial taken with Jennie (Blackpink) in Vogue Korea has been revealed.


On April 27, fashion magazine Vogue Korea published the cover photos for Jennie (Blackpink). In the photos, Jennie attracted attention with her provocative gaze and her pet dog Kuma. The 2020 SS collection of well-known brand with dresses and jewelry, lovely ribbons and luxurious tweed dresses have shown the look of Jennie as a true fashionista.


In an interview conducted with this pictorial photo shoot, Jennie said, “Because this is a career showing the public, there will definitely be a lot of friends affected by me. So I don’t may not be responsible for that “. She then added: “I also nurtured my dream when I was young to see an artist I idolized, so I think I could influence someone’s life.”


The Jennie’s pictorial and honest interview – the owner of BlackPink’s charisma – can be found in the May issue of Vogue Korea and the official homepage.