Korean stars are considered as the ideal model for young people not only because of their passionate pursuit but also a life worth learning.

As a character that has a great influence on young people, Korean stars often convey meaningful messages through music products, dramas or variety shows to help fans gain more strength to overcome difficulties in life. The sincere advice from the personal experience of Korean stars has a great impact on the fans. This partly gives them the motivation to move on and feel more optimistic and love life.


The “National MC” Yoo Jae Suk is loved by the audience not only because of his ingenious talent, extensive knowledge but also a good personality that is worth learning. Yoo Jae Suk once shared the importance of education to the future of a young person: “Don’t be too worried. You should study hard when you are young. If you think too much about the future, you will forget what you need to do in the present. ” Sharing his experience at work and with his juniors often, Yoo Jae Suk is an artist respected by many younger Korean stars.


In the entertainment industry, the number of people working on art has increased rapidly, a multi-talented, cheerful and  compassion MC always received aura every time he appeared. No one else is the “National MC” Yoo Jae Suk. He is also a good example to learn for the younger generation to follow.


What makes Yoona famous nowadays is not only her beauty but also her humble personality. Starting her career at the age of 18, the SNSD member wanted to convey the message of confidence to teenage girls: “I hope that everyone learns how to gain confidence. However, being confident doesn’t mean you have to be arrogant. Confidence is when you appreciate who you are and do what you really want to do. In the future, when you look back, you will surely realize that you have gained a lot thanks to that confidence. ”


Being able to debut with a 9-member group like SNSD is both luck and pressure for Yoona. The hard time in the recording studio, in the dance studio to bring excellent performances to the audience is Yoona’s ongoing efforts.


Lee Hyori has considered the “sexy queen” of Kpop and had a flourishing career before she married her husband Lee Sang Soon in 2013. The marriage of Lee Hyori and her husband used to be the talk topic of public opinion. However, ignoring the negative words, Lee Hyori chose a peaceful and simple life with her husband on Jeju Island. Singer “Ten minutes” shared the meaning of “happiness”: “The important thing is not where you live or how you live. Happiness is when you are satisfied with what you are.”



On the stage of BTS concert in 2015, the leader RM talked about the beauty of life: “Happiness is not something you have to try to find. You can still be happy in the process of achieving something. I know that many people are having a hard time, but if you change your mind a bit, you will find that this moment can become your best memory.”


“There are moments when we regret and there are times when we don’t go the way we want. But whenever we did, we thought about why we started this path and that was music. Happily and fortunately, music is the light that guides us all.” There is a lot of pressure to face as the leader of the leading K-pop group but her determination, her love with music helps him get over.


As a Korean star with a straightforward personality and dare to live, Amber is the one who inspires young people to learn to love themselves from the most imperfect things: “The beauty is when you know how to accept who you are. I myself have taken some time to do that. Whatever you look like, I think everyone is beautiful in a unique way. It will be hurt if you try to insult other people’s bodies just because they are different from your “standards”.



During the MBN Y Forum 2018, Wanna One, the leader of the former boy group opened his heart about pursuing his singer dream. Through the story about himself, Jisung wishes that those who are going through difficulties like him will be stronger and more motivated: “I personally think it’s never too late for you to start chasing your dream. I learn to love myself, always try and show everyone what I can do. I want to send to those who are striving for the dream of a message that: You will never be happy if you live according to the thoughts of others. As long as you keep trying and don’t give up, you will get worthy results. Just as the mountain flower can bloom in the dead of winter, I believe you will shine too. ”


Before debuting with Wanna One, Yoon Ji sung was criticized by Korean netizens for his talent, appearance, and even age when they thought that he was too old to be an idol.


Like many other Korean stars, IU has faced many criticisms about her appearance. However, without letting the negative words affect, IU chose to live a strong life and focus on developing music. Thanks to that, IU understands how important is it to love yourself: “The standard of a good is too vague. You can’t please everyone, so find your own unique value. Then, what you need to do is promote it for people to see and love that aspect of you. I often convey my thoughts to music. If the audience loves and empathizes with what I want to say, that’s when I find myself successful. ”