Actress Melissa Ricks decided to share with her fans on Instagram how she keeps herself from overthinking about the virus and other “things we can’t control.”

It’s not something many of us know how to deal with well — living in a lockdown fearing the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).


The government advice is easy enough to follow: stay home and only venture outside when necessary. But that doesn’t exactly solve the stress and anxiety that comes with the pandemic.

I have been having unstable feelings lately, worried about absolutely everything –my family, the frontliners and most of all Kiera,” she wrote in a blog post posted Monday. Kiera is her daughter.


One way to fight this stress is through working out, she said, adding that she has been doing exercises and routines twice a day because it makes her feel “less anxious about everything.

I work out for ME, it makes ME feel good, makes ME feel better, and it really just helps so much to put you energy into something productive instead of worrying about things we cant control.

In the same post, titled “Heavier But Happier,” she also shared her thoughts on online bashing.

She said that she had to deal with her fair share, especially those that criticize her weight.


You inspire me so much that I just cannot give up on myself because so many of you believe in me. So many of you can relate to my story and so many of you are having a hard time just like I am.

The only one that can help you is YOU. Happiness is a choice, and when we choose to be happy, and believe we deserve to be happy, WE WILL. Remember its a process, it doesn’t happen overnight,

But you WILL get there, we will get there together. Kaya mo ‘yan, kaya ko ‘to. Let’s support each other on this.