She was named the highest paid singer in 2019, affording her many luxuries. But Taylor Swift seemingly decided she only needs one private jet – as the songstress has reportedly sold one of her fleet, TMZ reports.

The London Boy singer, 30, sold off her Dassault Falcon 50 last month – leaving her with one other private plane, a larger Dassault-Breguet Mystere Falcon 900.

Shedding some excess: Taylor Swift has sold one of the private jets in her collection; seen here in Paris, France last September

The smaller jet – which Taylor reportedly acquired back in 2012 – went through a transfer of registration on March 16, from SATA LLC in Nashville to a new entity called BoneDoc Aviation LLC, as shown by FAA records.

SATA is believed to be Taylor’s company, with the letters standing for the initials of members of her family: father Scott, mother Andrea, Taylor and brother Austin.

While it’s not known how much Tswift paid exactly for the Falcon 50 aircraft at the time of purchase, nor how much she sold it for, similar jets are priced in the vicinity of $1 to 6 million.

The one she’s selling: The London Boy singer sold off her Dassault Falcon 50 last month – the vehicle seen here in Van Nuys in 2017
She can afford it: While it’s not known how much Swift paid for the Falcon 50 aircraft at the time of purchase, nor how much she sold it for, similar jets are priced between $1 and $6M

The date of sale – March 16 – was around the time much of the country was about to go into lockdown mode, with travel bans already in effect in some places.

Three days later, California issued a state-wide safer-at-home order, which remains in effect, while San Francisco had already been under a similar mandate from earlier in March.

The plane that Swift is keeping, meanwhile, is twice the size of the one she sold.

The plane that Swift is keeping: The Dassault Falcon 900 is twice the size of the one she sold

While the Falcon 50 can seat nine people total, the Falcon 900 seats 18.

The Cats performer reportedly paid $40 million for it in 2011.

The plane is distinctive for its custom insignia in the front – the number 13, which signifies Taylor’s lucky number and the date of her birth (December 13).

The Cats performer reportedly paid $40 million for the larger plane in 2011; seen here recently on Instagram