Doja Cat and Nicki Minaj scored their first number one song on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart for the remixed track Say So.

Doja Cat revealed Monday in an Instagram Live video that she won’t be showing her breasts to her fans after the song topped the charts.


The 24-year-old rapper and singer said the original offer was just a lie to increase the single’s chart position, and she didn’t seem to have any qualms about the tactic. Doja (born Amalaratna Dlamini) seemed to film the clip while lying on her bed in a white outfit. She had her dark bangs parted to the sides and she wore large dangling studded square earrings and had thick freckles painted on her face.

When one of her fans brought up the promise of showing her breasts, she admitted it was all a ruse. “I’m just going to be honest with you guys, I did play you. I’m not showing my boobs,” she explained.

I’m nasty with it. I’m extra nasty with it, with a side of scam-scam,” she continued with a giggle before letting out a long sigh.


I’m on my pirate s*** right now, man,’ she said after another person referenced the Pirates Of The Caribbean films in the chat. ‘I’m f***ing ruthless.

If I say I’m gonna show boobs, just know, I’m not gonna show boobs,” she clarified.

And I’m OK with you guys thinking, from now on, when I try to use that trick — which I won’t! — if I do, just know, motherf***er, I’m not being serious!

It’s a lie, you know? What’re you gonna do?” she concluded before taking a puff on what looked to be a marijuana vaporizer pen.