He has been entertaining himself with a number of bizarre and hilarious challenges during lockdown. And Olly Murs, 35, and his girlfriend Amelia Tank, 27, shared more of their fun and games as they competed for the last Oreo doughnut in a TikTok video.

The couple placed the tasty treat on the floor and raced from the other side of the room.


But the twist was that neither could use their arms and started the race on their stomachs.

Pushing themselves forward using their legs and shoulders, the couple, wearing NHS rainbow t-shirts, slid across the carpet towards the prize.

Amelia clambered all over Olly as she went on to chomp down on the doughnut and claim the winnings.

Food fight: Olly Murs and his girlfriend Amelia Tank competed for the last Oreo doughnut in their latest hilarious TikTok

Olly uploaded the video to Instagram with the caption: ‘When there is only one Oreo Doughnut left… there’s only one to fight it out #mariostyle #carpetcrawlwars.’

It comes after the Troublemaker singer used a kitchen roll as a trombone while Amelia bashed her head on a baking tray in time to a jovial tune on Friday.

The TikTok began with Olly in the forefront of the frame as he used a kitchen roll and a kitchen roll stand to pretend to play a trombone.

Fun times: The TikTok began with Olly in the forefront of the frame as he used a kitchen roll and a kitchen roll stand to pretend to play a trombone

The Dance With Me Tonight hitmaker was clearly getting into the spirit of things as she puffed out his cheeks and opened his eyes wide while ‘playing’ along to the tune.

Meanwhile, his partner Amelia stood still and silent in the background, with an orange hoodie over her head and her brunette locks concealing her face.

She then began to aggressively hit a baking tray on her head, matching the beat of the tune. 

Captioning the clip, Olly wrote: ‘Celebrating another weekend in lockdown.’ 

Fans tuning into the pair’s latest offering were thrilled, with many commenting that they loved the couple’s funny video. 

During the coronavirus lockdown, Olly and his girlfriend have been sharing a number of entertaining videos and pranks as they keep themselves entertained at home.