Niall Horan seemed to have his beloved fans stand right behind and ready to defense for him after the singer was got cut-off when performing during RTE does Comic Relief.


Children’s TV show The Den made a return to screens with Dustin, Ray, Zig and Zag during the Irish charity broadcast, where Niall Horan will show up and perform his song, Black and White. But, Niall had to stop and the puppets joke that they had wanted Harry Styles, his One Direction bandmate Harry Styles instead. “Niall, we wanted Harry Styles, you’re only getting a minute and a half.”

That may be just words to split out from mouth, but Niall fans were not satisfied and called the show “disrespectful”.

One Niall fan account shared a clip of Niall being cut off and tweeted: “What they did to Niall was extremely disrespectful and rude. He didn’t have to sing for them either and interrupting him saying they wanted Harry instead is so uncalled for.”

Other fans then quickly came to agree and leave out plenty of comments: “This is disgusting he literally put time aside of his day to sing for them. and they couldn’t even put his full clip and saying they wanted harry instead IM MAD.”

“Makes me sick how they still compare the boys when they are doing such different things. This is not okay at all,”

Although, others were pointed out that Niall Horan was just in a joke but that was some insensitive joke. “Calm yourself it’s Irish humour and Dustin the turkey is Irish tv gold,” said one user.

Niall, meanwhile, was seen showing his support behind Irish Comic Relief when the singer posted a photo of him wearing the campaign’s latest charity tee for his Twitter followers, calling the item of clothing a “thing of beauty for a great cause”.