Michael Bublé has gifted a Filipina health worker a house as part of his grandfather’s dying wish. 

As seen in the newest episode of the US show “Celebrity IOU,” the singer gave the Pinay, named Minette, who worked with his grandfather for eight years, a newly-renovated home in Canada so she wouldn’t have to pay rent anymore.

Michael Bublé gave his grandfather’s Filipina caregiver a brand new home in Vancouver, as seen in an episode of the US show, ‘Celebrity IOU.’ HGTV

It was what his grandfather Demetrio would have wanted, explained Bublé, before saying: “I think my grandpa would be thrilled knowing that we could maybe lessen the burden a little bit in allowing Minette to continue helping her family without it being so hard on her.” 

Michael Bublé was very much hands on with the changes they made to his grandpa’s home before giving it to Minette. HGTV

According to Bublé, Minette sent most of her earnings back to her family in the Philippines. 

He described her as a “really compassionate, kind empathetic human being with a great sense of humor, a great zest for life, who sort of never did anything for herself.” 

He also recalled how quickly his grandfather warmed up to Minette, even when he initially resented the idea of hiring a nurse. He shared that to them Minette became like family, “almost instantly.”

Michael Bublé poses with Minette in a front of the home he gave her. HGTV

Bublé said that the Vancouver property, which his grandfather built “with his own two hands” in the 1970s, was very close to his heart. “The greatest moments of my life happened here,” he remembered. “The songs I learned and the style of music I fell in love with, they all happened her.”

But he decided to give it to Minette because his grandfather really hoped she could live in it.

Prior to handing the home to Minette, Bublé sought the help of Drew and Jonathan Scott of “Property Brothers” fame —also the stars of HGTV-produced show “Celebrity IOU”— to redesign it. 

They also tricked her to make her think that they were shooting a documentary so that they could surprise her with the place. 

Minette was unsurprisingly brought to tears by the generous gift, saying: “’It is so much, really, really so much. I have no words right now. It hasn’t sunk in yet. It’s beautiful, beautiful.”