Ellie Goulding has recently shared about the main reasons why she keeps on losing thousand and thousand followers on Instagram. That must be because of her passion about climate change.


Her passionate sharing on environmental issues are secretly harming her career and she said that it is necessary to stop discussing these kinds of things in order to stay famous.

“I was very protective over my job because I’ve created my job entirely by myself.”

“It’s my livelihood, it’s my everything, it’s how I make money. I employ a lot of people and what I do affects not just me but a lot of people.”

“I genuinely thought the activism would jeopardise my job, and I believe it has, actually. 

“I lose followers, every time I post anything about climate change, I lose at least a thousand followers.”

“Because people are following me for a very specific reason and it’s not the environment.”

In the past few months, Ellie has shared posts about Earth Day and climate change in general. She captioned a post passionately: “Earth Day 2020 in lockdown gives me a chance to pause. So proud to be a global ambassador for the UN Environment”

“Planet Earth’s ability to regenerate and provide healthy soils, breathable air and drinkable water is incredible but we abuse this. It’s time to step up.

Ellie Goulding, who currently reached 14.5million followers on Instagram also reveals that she feels the need to stay with creating pop music and isn’t able to test out other genres.


She added: “I started making classical music because all I really listen to is classical at the moment. But it’s like being a pop artist, which is sort of the pigeonhole that I’ve ended up in because I have released a lot of pop songs.”

She has been on preparing for her hew album which will be released with Swedish producer Max Martin, who is famous for producing songs for Katy Perry and Taylor Swift.

Ellie said that the album, Brightest Blue, is “a pop record, it’s still catchy”.