Recently, a picture posted by the singer Lily Allen on Instagram has started various speculations regarding her engagement with the actor David Harbour. Although the motive behind that picture was to show her maintain physique what catches the attention of the fans was the sparkling ring on her finger. Since then various speculations about their engagement are surfacing on the internet and people are postulating many things.

Here is everything you need to know about the ongoing speculations regarding the engagement of David Harbour and Lily Allen.


It is well known that the 35-year-old singer is dating the ‘Stranger Things’ actor since last year. On numerous of the occasion, they were seen together and for the first, in October last year, it was reported that they both are dating. And regularly, since then, David Harbour and Lily Allen have indicated that they are ready to take their relationship on another level.

In March this year, during a live video session on Instagram, David Harbour has referred she as his ‘wife’. Although that was in some another sense because just after that Lily added, “We like to pretend.” So, of course, there can’t be smoke without fire.


Let’s talk about the origin of current speculations which are flooding the internet. We all know that it started with that picture of Lily on Instagram but there is more than that in it. Fans had started asking about their engagements and by replying a comment on Instagram, she had augmented that speculations. One person commented, “Umm…. engagement ring???” on her picture to which Lily Allen replied in an allegorical phrase from the famous movie Fight Club. “Fight rule of engagement club……”.

And thus started the speculations. It is not clear whether they are engaged or not but let’s hope that the speculation comes true.