For almost three-minute of her performance, Sia soulfully singing the lyrics to her track with longtime muse dancer Maddie Ziegler, 17-year-old, performed an animated dance routine.


Sia’s latest song, Together is one of her 10 original songs featured in the upcoming motion picture Music – both written and directed by her. For the song’s debut performance, Sia rocked a curly, two-toned wig, a larger than life bow, and a tie-dyed onesie, while sitting on a couch covered in a white sheet.

Maddie Ziegler was positioned performing behind Sia and began removing bundles of colorful, wearing a multi-colored pastel wig and a light pink bodysuit, while a set-piece meant to simulate clouds rested behind her and Sia. 


The scene – meant to simulate a bubble bath – showed where Maddie aggressively scrubbing Sia and herself on a bright green floor. Once Maddie took the bucket out of frame, the bubbles stopped and the camera zoomed out for a clearer look.

While Sia still sat on the couch, Maddie started expressing the audience with dramatic facial expression, bringing two plates of flapjacks and a pink spatula.


The dancing muse showed her dancing skills and more than that, spreading the exciting feelings to the others, as she quickly returned to perform a quirky dance that required her to stick her hands into a pair of high heels.

The video’s director Tonya Brewer zoomed the camera lens in on one of the game board’s holes, so the audience could view Sia through it.

“I want it, I want love, please deliver it,” sang Sia, before Maddie inserted a heart-shaped piece from the top of the vertical board. The piece fitted perfectly on the cameras showed Sia’s face.

As the performance started coming to an end, the Cheap Thrills singer said “I love you Jimmy,” before the scene faded to black.