Last night, Lady Gaga was having her dinner at a restaurant called Spruzzo in Malibu, she was caught by a fan. The singer didn’t hesitate to give her the jacket she was wearing.


Full of joy, the lucky fan named Shannon told her experience which was just like a dream to her. She was having a bad day and would want to drop by a restaurant on the way home. Shannon casually walked into the store then she saw a tiny blonde girl with such a badass leather jacket. After purchasing a bottle of water, she stepped outside and then suddenly realized who she was.


As reaching the leather-jacket girl, Shannon asked whether the girl was “the real” Lady Gaga or not and as long as she confirmed, Shannon started telling how talented Gaga is, how inspiring her music expresses, even her movies…

Then, Lady Gaga friendly took off her jacket and gave it to her fan. “That is the most awesome jacket in the world!”. As she was still in shocked, Shannon felt absolutely thankful.

Earlier, the singer had dinner at the restaurant and tipped the waiter $700 for a $60 meal.


Recently, Gaga shared a photo of her looking stunning without any makeup on Instagram to express her love to little monsters. “Thinking about the world and sending love. I walk in circles and reflect sometimes about what I want to say. I want to say I love you.” – the Shallow singer captioned.

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