Singer – producer Zico will return with his summer album “RANDOM BOX” and the title track Summer Hate, which will be released on July 1st.

Zico will release his new album “Random Box” on various online music sites at 6 p.m. on July 1. “Random Box” is Zico’s first summer album since his debut, and it tells the summer stories common in everyday life in Zico’s friendly tone.


‘Random Box’ is Zico’s first album for summer, all by summer. To this end, it will change the tone of the vocals so that listeners can listen to his music more cool and comfortable.

The title track “Summer Hate” is Zico’s summer song, which captures an unpleasant day of a heat-stricken person through Zico’s witty rhyming and metaphors over a unique sound. Rain will participate as a feature, and the two will join the music video and dance challenge following the song, giving them special chemistry that will blow away the heat this summer.

Ahead of his comeback, Zico announced the start of the new song dance challenge on his official TikTok account on June 30th. Zico once again ignited the challenge craze by performing exciting choreography that is easy for men and women of all ages to follow in line with the highlight part of “Summer Hate” with rain. In particular, Zico is expected to have an exciting online dance competition this time, as he created a global boom with the “Any Song” dance challenge in January this year.

Zico plans to stand tall as a summer powerhouse through his first summer album “Random Box.” Zico’s witty, high-quality album as well as his perfect performance that highlights his breathing with Rain will capture all of the listeners’ eyes and ears.