Yubin, a former member of idol group Wonder Girls, has officially announced her comeback date, joining the K-Pop race in May.


“Yubin will make her comeback and release a new single album at 6PM KST on May 21,” her agency RRR Entertainment announced on May 11.

“Unlike the albums we’ve released so far, we’re going to present a Yubin-like song that contains her own individuality and sensibility,” an official from the agency said, adding to the public’s curiosity about what kind of music and concept the musician will present.

This will be her first musical product in about seven months, since her solo album ‘Start of the End’ released in October last year.


Debuting in 2007 as a rapper in girl group Wonder Girls, Yubin has been loved by many people for her girl crush charm.

She released three solo albums, including solo songs ‘Lady’, ‘Thank U Soooo Much’ and ‘Silent Movie’, showing various aspects as a singer-songwriter.

In January, she had a beautiful farewell with JYP Entertainment, after being in the company for 13 years, and established her own agency RRR Entertainment.