BLACKPINK Lisa‘s former manager stole ₩1 billion KRW ($817,661 USD) from her through fraud, and wasted it all on gambling.


According to an exclusive report from Market News, Lisa’s former manager “A” has been with her since her debut with BLACKPINK in 2016. Lisa has put her trust into “A” and relied on him since she was a rookie. “A” also had a strong sense of trust within YG Entertainment and the other BLACKPINK members. People around him say they had no idea he was doing something like this.

“A” took advantage of this trust and friendship and told Lisa he would use her money to help her find some real estate to invest in. In reality, he took the money and wasted it all on gambling, and Lisa was a victim of fraud by a man she put all her trust in. Market News stated it would not be easy for Lisa to let the public know about this, as her image and team activities may be affected by the news. One official said that since she is a foreigner, she was very vulnerable in a foreign country.

Lisa is a foreign member of BLACKPINK, and she has been alone in Korea since she was young, so she can be very vulnerable to these kinds of things, such as economic ideals.

It is very unfortunate that things like this are happening in the industry. It is a serious matter that can damage the image of [proper] Korean management.

“A” is reportedly no longer employed at YG Entertainment, and settled his resignation from the company. YG Entertainment has yet to respond to the report. BLACKPINK just released an update about their comeback, which also includes upcoming solo releases by Lisa, Rosé, and Jisoo.


YG Entertainment has released their statement regarding BLACKPINK Lisa‘s former manager who scammed her out of ₩1 billion KRW ($817,661 USD).


In YG Entertainment’s statement, they confirmed Lisa was a victim of the scam, and how Lisa will be getting her money back.

We found out through an internal investigation that Lisa was a victim of fraud by her former manager “A”.

According to Lisa’s wishes of an amicable settlement, as he was a former manager she trusted, “A” has agreed to reimburse some of the money he stole, and the rest of the money will be paid back through a repayment plan, and he has left the company.

We apologize for causing concern to fans who love Lisa.

We are very embarrassed by “A’s” behavior of taking advantage of his trust with the artist, and we feel responsible for the management and supervision [of our staff]. We are working on measures to prevent such an unfortunate event from happening again.YG Entertainment

Earlier today, it was revealed that Lisa’s former manager scammed money from Lisa under the guise of helping her with real estate, and wasted all of it on gambling.