VIXX Ken released a new teaser image for his first solo album, which will be out on May 20. The title track of the album has also been revealed to be a ballad song.


On May 10, VIXX’s official SNS channel raised expectations for Ken’s solo album by revealing the name of its title track – ‘To See You Even 10 Minutes More’, along with a lyric teaser image announcing Ken’s release of his first mini-album.

In the image, Ken’s hand, seen through the window, contains some of the lyrics of his new song, “The day I ran for a long time, to see you even 10 more minutes, and hugged you breathlessly,” creating much curiosity in fans.


Ken’s first mini album title track, ‘To See You Even 10 Minutes More’, is a ballad song about the excitement and sadness that everyone must have experienced at least once in their life.

Ken is the main vocalist of idol group VIXX, and has been widely loved by fans from both South Korea and around the world. He has been seen as a member that delivers explosive high notes, delicate emotional expression and solid singing skills.