TWICE made a surprise announcement on their Japan’s official SNS that they will release a new single, named ‘Fanfare’, in Japan on July 8.


TWICE in the video on their Japanese channel said in person that they will release their sixth single ‘Fanfare’ in Japan on July 8.

“I can’t wait to meet you. I hope everyone will be able to wait for us in good health. We are also keeping our health in mind. Cheer up, everyone!”

‘Fanfare’ is a song that expresses TWICE’s wish to breathe pleasant and positive energy into the world, and features a powerful energetic performance.

High attention is being paid to whether the new single ‘Fanfare’ will continue the girls’ history of consecutive hit marches. TWICE has received Platinum Record Certification, which is awarded to works that record more than 250,000 copies of an album released in Japan.

On TWICE’s official Japanese YouTube channel, stage videos featuring shining moments, including their first showcase tour, Arena tour and dome tour, were posted along with introductory comments from the members.

The videos are ranked in the top 10 Japanese popular videos, drawing keen attention from local fans.