U-Know Yunho from boy group TVXQ is the next guest star to appear on tvN’s upcoming entertainment show ‘Seoul Village Guy’.


According to JoyNews24’s report on June 10, U-Know Yunho recently confirmed his guest appearance on tvN’s new variety show ‘Seoul Village Guy’ and is preparing to film an episode.

Produced by PD Yoo Ho Jin, ‘Seoul Village Guy‘ is a hardcore local variety where “Seoul Villagers”, people who only know Seoul, experience the other provinces where the guests have lived. The cast will share memories at the “PICK” place, selected by fans, and give them a pleasant smile there.

As Cha Tae Hyun and Lee Seung Gi have previously confirmed their appearances as regular “Seoul Villagers”, U-Know Yunho will appear as a guest to deliver a special fun.

PD Yoo Ho Jin, said, “People often say [South Korea is] ‘The Republic of Seoul’, but new vitality and charm emerge in each region. You will be able to discover the real local charm through the images of your hometown guided by stars from that province.”

In particular, U-Know Yunho is famous in the entertainment industry as the Icon of Passion and he showed off his infinite passion in various entertainment programs, including MBC’s ‘I Live Alone’, which attracted a lot of viewers. As the star works hard on anything, expectations are high on the positive energy that U-Know Yunho will unleash in ‘Seoul Village Guy’.

‘Seoul Village Boy’ will premiere in July, and the episode featuring U-Know Yunho still haven’t get a fixed air date yet.