Taeyeon‘s new song ‘Happy‘ has once again shown the position of a digital music queen.


‘Happy’, the new song released on May 4 has occupied No. 1 on the digital music chart right after its released. As of May 5, Taeyeon has reached No.1 on the major digital music charts in the country such as Genie, Bugs, and Soribada.

This single has also climbed to No. 1 on the iTunes Top Songs Chart in 15 regions around the world such as Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Macao, The United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Indonesia, Finland, Israel, Chile.


Besides, the MV that felt the warm feelings of ‘Happy’ also took the No. 1 position in the Korean video category on China’s largest music chart QQ Music.

‘Happy’ is an R&B pop genre recreated by the modern sound of Old School Duwap and Albie. The lyrics seem to be a special gift for the fans who have been waiting for Taeyeon’s new song which is a healing song, containing happiness and warm feeling during their time with their lover.