Sunmi, an unrivaled female solo artist and establishing herself as a “K-pop solo queen” will make a comeback with her new single “pporappippam” at 6PM on June 29th. The comeback of “pporappippam” is drawing more attention as it is the first comeback in about 10 months since “LALALAY,” which was released in August last year.


“Pporappippam” is a song about love that stimulates seductive imagination. Sunmi wrote dreamy short stories about her dream love through the song. It is a city-pop genre song that sensibly describes all aspects of love that can be both hot and sentimental and dejected after passing by.

In particular, the song was written by Sunmi herself and co-composed with FRANTS, which showed fantastic breathing in previous works such as “Siren” and “LALALAY.” “Pporappipam” makes his shoulders flutter with rhythmical beats and popular melody lines.

In addition to loading, the “pporappipam” has also enhanced its completeness by collaborating with artists from various fields. The dressy concept outfit, which maximizes the seductive beauty of the singer dreaming of love, was produced only for Sunmi by fashion designer Kevin Germanier, who is in the spotlight around the world.


Director Kim Ji Yong then directed the music video and other videos to maximize the visual beauty with dreamy colors, and street dancer and choreographer Lee Yi Jung participated in the choreography to complete the eye-catching performance.

Kpop solo-queen will hold an online media showcase today at 2 p.m. before releasing the song. From 7 p.m., an online fan showcase for fans will be broadcast live, and a “greatest-ever” showcase will be announced.


On the 24th, she launched the ‘Purple Night‘ challenge through TikTok, a video sharing platform. The “Purple Night” challenge, which features a transformation to the song “pporappippam,” will be available through TikTok until July 8.

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Recently, Sunmi appeared on the web entertainment show “The Real World” and SBS human documentary show “Sunmi’s Video Store” in many ways. Unlike charisma on stage, “The Real World” gave off the charm of human Sunmi, while “Sunmi Video Store” received favorable reviews for its stable hosting of the first MC challenge.


Sunmi became the “Solo Queen” after her transfer to the agency, succeeding in consecutive box office hits with a trilogy of “Gashina,” “Heroine” and “Siren.”

Meanwhile, Sunmi will make a comeback with her new song “pporappippam” at 6 p.m. on the 29th.


Check out ‘pporappippam‘ official music video here: