After teaming up with superstars across the dance and pop world, on May 12, Raiden delivers “Yours” as the latest genre-crossing attempt from the rising DJ/producer. With an all-star team that includes the rapper-singer Chanyeol of sensational K-pop boy band EXO, rising “Meteor” rapper Changmo as well as Korea’s soulful songbird LeeHi, “Yours” is a soothing, feel-good synth-pop gem. With a focus on Chanyeol and LeeHi’s playful back-and-forths, “Yours” is as adorable of a love song as it is wishful as the singers croon “Love me, don’t hurt me / Just kiss me, don’t burn me / And I’ll be yours.”


Raiden says the release of “Yours” is particularly special in this current time of coronavirus concerns and social distancing. “If there was one thing I wish for this song to do, [it] is to spread the feeling of warmth and positivity around the world,” Raiden says in a statement. “During this crazy time of confusion and isolation, I wanted to present the feeling of love and care for each other and we really poured our hearts out with that message here.”


Chanyeol adds that he’s been itching to find the right song and “Yours” ended up being the perfect match for his next release to not only feature as a singer and rapper on, but also brush up his production skills.

Listen to “Yours” below: